Ep. 1 — No Amount of Kale and Yoga Will Fix This: The Need for a Systems-Change Approach to Workplace Well-Being | Johns Hopkins Office of Well-Being


Most of us know what it feels like when our well-being at work is compromised. But do we know how we got there? Is it just that it’s been a tough week or we didn’t have time for yoga, or is there something much deeper about working in health care at play? Today, we’ll take our first look at the things that really influence our well-being at work. To learn more visit https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/office-of-well-being/podcast


  1. Self-care is important for well-being, but focusing on individual behaviors will never be enough to improve our well-being at work.
  2. Because well-being is foundational to our ability to achieve what we care about (safety, quality, professional fulfillment, etc.), we must prioritize it.
  3. As with anything we care about, there are few quick fixes, but we do have guidelines and an emerging evidence base to help us move forward. We need to lean into a growth mindset, pace ourselves and realize that good things take time.