November 16, 2016 – Contrary Opinion


Anchor lead:  A recent study seems to contradict risk of calcium supplements, Elizabeth Tracey reports

When it comes to calcium supplements controversy reigns, with a recent Johns Hopkins study led by cardiologist Erin Michos demonstrating risk, while another doesn’t.  Michos describes the findings.

Michos: In contrast to our study there was another study that came out this month from Annals of Internal Medicine that was a meta-analysis where they pooled studies together.  So they looked at 27 studies and they also didn’t find any concern with diet calcium, which was consistent with our study, but they didn’t find any excess risk with calcium supplements. But I have some concerns that some studies weren’t included in that paper, because they only looked at studies that reported dose, so some studies that said calcium supplements yes versus no that had shown increased risk weren’t included.  :33

Michos emphasizes that only more research will provide a definitive answer, but for now, she tells her patients to give supplements a miss and opt for food sources of calcium instead.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.