November 28, 2014 – Milk and Aging


Anchor lead: Kids with food allergies frequently outgrow them, and that may be better for their diet, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Food allergies in kids are common, and becoming more so, with the first line intervention to simply avoid the food.  When that food is milk, however, the consequences on the child’s growth and health may be significant, a Johns Hopkins study led by Corinne Keet, a pediatric allergist, has found. In view of that fact, Keet says there are a few things parents should keep in mind.

Keet: It’s very frequent that children and adults are misdiagnosed with food allergies.  There are symptoms that they interpret as being food allergies that are not food allergy.  The laboratory tests that we have for food allergy are not very good, so we know that many more people have positive laboratory tests than really have food allergy and a lot of people are following avoidance diets they probably don’t need to follow.   :19

Kids also very often outgrow their allergies over time.

Keet: Outgrowing food allergies we know that’s very common and that even if children have had a real food allergy they may no longer need to be following the same avoidance diet that they once did.   :09

Keet says your child’s allergist can advise on safe food reintroduction.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.