November 4, 2015 – Watch Benefit


Anchor lead:  Apple’s leap into health care may help people with epilepsy, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Can using an Apple watch to monitor epileptic seizures help people with the condition manage them better?  That’s the hope of Nathan Crone, one principal investigator in a Johns Hopkins study underway to use the device to develop a seizure detector.

Crone: My biggest hope is that this will empower patients to get better control over their condition, to get a sense of control over their condition, to be able to track their seizures, their medications, and hopefully actually improve both their seizure control and their health in general because of the use of the technology.  That’s what I hope.  :21

Crone says barriers to using the device are low.

Crone: The nice thing about the technology is that it has a lot of different uses. So people are motivated to learn to use the technology to message with their family and to make phone calls. And if they can learn those things then they can learn how to use this app.   :14

At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.