October 25, 2016 – Trial Results


Anchor lead:  Why aren’t researchers putting complete trial data on the NIH’s website? Elizabeth Tracey reports

January 2017 marks the point of no tolerance for the NIH, which has warned researchers who receive federal funds that if they don’t post their complete clinical trial results on clinicaltrials.gov, research money will cease.  Paul Rothman, dean and CEO of Johns Hopkins Medicine, says it’s not as straightforward as it appears.

Rothman: There is clinicaltrials.gov, and what we’re finding is that not everyone is putting on all of the data that they’re supposed to. It has to be in the format that that website wants. So for instance if you have a publication published, you can’t just send that website your publication and say here is the clinical trial.  You have to load it in.  We are putting actually significant institutional resources to help individual investigators to assure that they can load the data easily in a timely fashion.   :31

Rothman says the strategy should advance research more rapidly to everyone’s benefit.  At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.