October 5, 2017 – Hello Peanut


Anchor lead: Do you need a specialized product to introduce your child to peanut? Elizabeth Tracey reports

Hello Peanut is the name of a new product to help parents safely introduce their children to peanuts, a major cause of food allergy and allergic reactions. Corrine Keet, an allergist at Johns Hopkins, says that's not really necessary.

Keet: That introduction does not need any kind of specialized product like Hello Peanut or any other of those kinds of products on the market. You can do that introduction with peanut powder, which is readily available and much cheaper, or with peanut butter or with things like Bomba. The recommendations are that infants have about two grams of peanut protein three times a week which is equivalent to about two teaspoons of peanut butter or peanut powder or 21 pieces of this Bomba which is kind of like a corn puff but with peanut on it. infants can choke on peanut butter so if you use peanut butter it should be diluted with water or with baby food. :34

Keet says that parents should begin with a conversation with their child's pediatrician before embarking on any peanut feeding schedule and be sure to follow safety protocols. At Johns Hopkins, I'm Elizabeth Tracey.