October 6, 2014 – Cancer News Review

October 7, 2014


Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Director William Nelson discusses top cancer news during August, 2014.

Program notes:

Program notes:

0:22 Radical prostatectomy and lifestyle factors
1:20 If you’ve had this treatment control weight and don’t smoke
2:21 Not just generally healthier but prostate ca better
2:39 Does vasectomy increase risk for prostate cancer?
3:35 Real cause and effect?
4:32 Inflammation might lead to prostate cancer
5:35 Probably is some relationship
6:35 Shouldn’t be a dominant determinant re: vasectomy
7:01 Breast reconstruction timing
8:02 If done with mastectomy are there more complications?
9:02 Many options so see a team of experts
9:49 End

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