Ongoing Care


Anchor lead: If you’ve been hospitalized for COVID-19 and are recovering, you may find yourself in a field hospital, Elizabeth Tracey reports

Some patients who’ve been hospitalized with COVID-19 will require ongoing care, and to that end, many organizations are working together to create solutions. Lisa Maragakis, director of infection control at Johns Hopkins, describes the initiatives.

Maragakis: States and public/private partnerships have come together to put together healthcare delivery for patients after discharge. How much capacity is going to be required for rehabilitation services, patients who may have a prolonged time on mechanical ventilation and need to go to a place where they can come off of the ventilator, also opening alternate care center sites such as in convention centers so that we have a way to decompress the hospital.  :32

Maragakis applauds these cooperative endeavors to achieve the best care possible for those recovering from COVID-19. At Johns Hopkins, I’m Elizabeth Tracey.