PodMed – Week of Apr 14, 2014


This week’s topics include new treatments for hepatitis C, paternal obesity and autism risk, aspirin and preeclampsia, and spironolactone for one form of congestive heart failure.

Program notes:

0:50 Obesity and autism spectrum disorders
1:50 Fathers’ obesity problematic
2:42 Aspirin for preeclampsia
3:42 Reduced risk 20%
4:42 Widely available and inexpensive
4:50 Spironolactone and one form of congestive heart failure
5:50 No help with all cause mortality or other outcomes
6:50 Worldwide studies
7:08 Oral therapy for hepatitis C
8:08 Single tablet regimen
9:05 Unaffordable for many
10:11 End

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