PodMed – Mar 31, 2014


This week’s topics include Barrett’s esophagus and radiofrequency ablation, a screening and intervention tool for college drinkers, hemoglobin A1c and cardiovascular risk, and e-cigarettes, again.

Program notes:

0:42 e-cigarettes and cessation
1:40 Did not predict ability to quit
2:36 Dangerous levels of nicotine
3:29 Barrett’s esophagus and radiofrequency ablation
4:25 Low grade dysplasia intervention
5:30 How are subjects identified?
6:23 Hemoglobin A1c and cardiovascular events
7:23 Could be another factor?
8:20 Screening and web-based intervention for drinking in college students
9:20 Ineffective with the intervention
10:29 End

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