PodMed – Week of April 3, 2017


Two ski patrol and two paramedics transporting injured skier to sled.

This week’s topics include a single novel prosthesis report, the benefits of knee replacement, resorbable stents, and health policy on opioid prescription and treatment for addiction.

Program notes:

0:32 Stents that are bioresorbable
1:32 Typical metallic stent versus bioabsorbable
2:29 Not good for smaller arteries
2:45 Total knee replacement benefits
3:45 Underwent a knee replacement
4:41 Still have pain
4:50 Mind controlled limbs
5:50 Training of brain via electrodes
6:50 Just one limb
7:05 Guidelines relative to our drug issue
8:05 When opioids are needed time limited
9:03 Training for overcoming addiction
10:15 End

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