PodMed – Week of April 4, 2016


This week’s topics include home care and survival, timing of HRT, Lyme disease and long term antibiotics, and cardiac procedures before surgery.

Program notes:

0:34 Lyme disease and long term antibiotics
1:35 Randomized to placebo or one of two antibiotic regimens
2:32 Just prompt single course of antibiotics
2:52 Timing of HRT
3:52 Early within 6 years of menopause onset
4:53 Cardioprotective issue aside
5:15 Heart assessment presurgically and procedures
6:15 Three fourths had no or atypical symptoms
7:20 Need to readdress the guidelines
8:02 Discharge to home and longevity
9:02 Allowing patients to go home does not shorten life
10:27 End

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