PodMed – Week of August 14, 2017

sick-child-photo-020647220_iconmThis week’s topics include complications of aortic valve surgery, effectiveness of nasal flu vaccination, testing for Epstein Barr virus and nasopharyngeal cancer, and hepatitis C treatment.
Program notes:
0:31 How effective is the flu vaccine?
1:31 Reformulation of nasal type
2:27 Studies to find out why nasal isn’t working
3:12 Epstein Barr virus and nasopharyngeal cancers
4:11 Over 20,000 subjects
5:12 Screen about 590 to find one cancer
5:42 Primary care and hepatitis C treatment
6:42 Group of patients hardest to treat
7:42 Effective training
8:00 Aortic valve replacement and stroke
9:01 MRI and other side effects
10:31 End
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