PodMed – Week of August 21, 2017


Green Fresh Marijuana Leaf with Seven Tips

This week’s topics include outcomes for payment, on- or off-pump CABG, cannabis for pain or PTSD, and the cognitive impact of a PCSK-9 inhibitor.

Program notes:

0:41 Cannabis and pain or PTSD
1:41 May alleviate neuropathic pain in some
2:44 Socially not good
3:04 Holding providers responsible for outcomes
4:04 Outcomes can’t be used for value or payment
5:04 How to properly incentivize
5:23 On or off-pump for CABG
6:23 Need a repeat procedure?
7:19 Cognitive function and evolucamab
8:19 Subgroup of 1200 patients
9:20 Doesn’t contribute to cognitive dysfunction
10:23 End

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