PodMed – Week of August 22, 2016


Close up of a cute little girl at the doctor's, receiving a vaccine.

This week’s topics include a look at beta blockers, intranasal flu vaccine efficacy, acetaminophen during pregnancy, and a new osteoporosis treatment.

Program notes:

0:32 Intranasal flu vaccine versus intramuscular vaccine
1:34 Studied in Hutterites
2:32 Previously thought more effective in children
3:24 New osteoporosis drug
4:25 Compared to both placebo and previous medication
5:25 Injected medicine
5:42 Association between Tylenol use and childhood behavior
6:42 Primarily second and third trimester
7:42 What are alternatives?
8:04 Beta blockers after stenting
9:04 Did not lower their risk of heart-related issues
10:01 Payment based on guidelines
10:47 End

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