PodMed – Week of August 28, 2017


Horrified old man reading a document with an aghast expression.

This week’s topics include advance directive impact, approval of high risk medical devices by FDA, maintenance of certification for physicians, and cardiovascular disease impact of a new agent for type 2 diabetes.

Program notes:
0:37 Positive impact of advance directives
1:34 78% died in their chosen location
2:34 Achieving what the patient wants with regard to care
3:02 Maintenance of certification for physicians
4:02 Randomly assigned to open book and time periods
5:03 Evidence based medicine changes
5:22 New agent for type 2 diabetes and outcomes
6:22 Lowered risk by 14%
7:22 Two times higher risk of amputation
7:40 What about FDA approval of devices
8:40 Premarket approval for new devices
9:40 Hold for months or years and deprive patients?
10:38 End