PodMed – Week of August 7, 2017


iStock_000014270773_MediumThis week’s topics include antibody depletion for kidney transplantation, a way to reverse dabigatran, the costs of board certification, and opioid use in the US population.

Program notes:

0:43 Fees for medical specialty board
1:45 Over $3000
2:46 Kidney transplantation and reducing antibodies
3:45 Enzyme to deplete
4:50 Enzyme cleaves all four classes of IgG
5:28 Reversing dabigatran
6:29 People on dabigatran who were bleeding or needed surgery
7:30 How many people take prescription opioids?
8:30 Should this be a national emergency?
9:30 Must address on a national level
10:35 End

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