PodMed – Week of December 12, 2016


Diagnostic form with Parkinson disease.

This week's topics include a biomarker for Parkinson’s disease, therapy for blood clots after casting or knee arthroscopy, avoiding sickle cell crises, and CABG versus stunting.

Program notes:

0:34 A biomarker for Parkinson’s disease
1:31 Use as a seed to accumulate misfolded protein
2:35 Utility in the face of no intervention?
3:31 Blood rather than CSF?
4:00 Avoiding a sickle cell crisis
5:02 Antibody therapy infused
6:02 Other factors that may be found
6:25 Knee arthroscopy, casting and blood clots
7:26 Very low incidence of clotting and no benefit to anticoagulation
7:56 CABG versus stents in LAD
9:00 First thirty days more complications with CABG
10:40 End

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