PodMed – Week of December 19, 2016

jn-featured-health-disparities-800x532This week’s topics include statins and Alzheimer’s, teen substance use, national mortality data, and psychiatric drug use in American adults.
Program notes:
0:33 Cause specific mortality in the US
1:35 At over 80 million deaths
2:32 Not terribly surprising to see risk factors
3:00 How many US adults take a psychiatric drugs
4:01 Only 9% of Hispanics
5:03 Statins and Alzheimer’s disease
6:06 Fat or lipid soluble?
7:03 Personalized medicine approach
7:31 Teen drug and substance use
8:31 Marijuana use continues apace
9:30 Kids are smart and paying attention
10:41 End
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