PodMed – Week of December 5, 2016


Carer Helping Senior Woman To Walk In Garden Using Walking Frame

This week’s topics include frailty and postoperative risk, smoking, age and myocardial infarction, sports and cardiovascular mortality, and artificial intelligence and diabetic retinopathy.

Program notes:

0:37 AI and diabetic retinopathy
1:37 Showed over 60,000 images to a computer
2:37 Device takes a picture and computer evaluates
3:23 Presurgical assessment of frailty
4:24 Three or four years before and after risk assessment
5:25 Even in non-frail it helped
5:43 Different sports and cardiovascular mortality
6:44 Racket sports reduced most
7:44 Hard to hypothesize plausibility
8:25 Smoking, age and heart attack
9:25 One of the most important risk factors
10:30 End

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