PodMed – Week of February 20, 2017


A woman with breast cancer has lost her hair due to chemotherapy. She is looking at her new wig - the picture is isolated on a white background.

This week’s topics include risks of gestational diabetes, managing low back pain, ED physician opioid prescribing, and cooling the scalp for chemotherapy.

Program notes:
0:34 Risk of gestational diabetes to infant
1:33 Needing a C-section increased
2:32 Managing low back pain
3:31 Chronic pain nonpharmacologic first
4:32 Imaging not helpful
5:01 Prescribing patterns among ED docs
6:05 Some prescribed infrequently
7:01 What accounts for three fold difference?
8:02 Scalp cooling and chemotherapy
9:02 Two different studies showed 50-60% less hair loss
10:35 End