PodMed – Week of February 22, 2016


This week’s topics include testosterone in older men, carotid procedures in those without symptoms, pioglitazone after a stroke, and managing Ebola in the US and Europe.

Program notes:

0:52 Testosterone supplements in men with low levels
1:50 Increase in desire and function
2:49 Only 1.9% of those screened enrolled
3:03 Ebola virus disease in US
4:03 Intensive treatment and experimental medications
5:03 Carotid stenting or endarterectomy
6:03 Both symptomatic and asymptomatic
7:04 Should primary care docs still screen?
8:03 Very good medical therapy
8:17 Pioglitazone after stroke
9:13 Reduced their risk of subsequent stroke by 25%
10:37 End

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