PodMed- Week of January 18, 2016

This week’s topics include mental health conditions and bariatric surgery, durability of bariatric surgery in adolescents, fresh or frozen fecal transplant, and a new treatment for COPD.
Program notes:
0:38 Fresh or frozen fecal transplant
1:39 Screen and store frozen samples?
2:39 Two studies demonstrate effectiveness
2:57 Bariatric surgery outcomes in adolescents
3:59 Normalized diabetes in majority
5:06 Mental health issues in those who have bariatric surgery
6:05 No difference in weight loss
7:05 Look at mental health post-op
7:35 A new treatment for COPD
8:32 Place coils in hyper inflated areas
9:30 About 3/4 of a million dollars per QUALY
10:25 End
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