PodMed – Week of January 19, 2015

This week's topics include successful community-based intervention for cardiovascular disease, ethnicity and breast cancer, overuse of aspirin, and overuse of tight blood sugar control.
Program notes:
0:32 Community based intervention for cardiovascular disease risk reduction
1:31 Hypertension, cholesterol, smoking
2:32 Savings with hospitalizations
3:30 Can do something in community
4:03 Ethnicity and breast cancer
5:02 African American less likely to be diagnosed at stage 1
6:01 Modify treatment
6:20 Too many people on aspirin
7:20 How many?
8:20 On the backs of the cardiologists
8:33 Diabetes overtreatment
9:33 60% being over treated in older population
10:37 End
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