PodMed – Week of July 10, 2017


woman holds empty white plate on hand isolated on white background

This week’s topics include comparison of two types of insulin, reduced sudden cardiac death in heart failure, ADHD and educational achievement, and fasting versus consistent caloric restriction in weight loss and cholesterol.

Program notes:

0:37 Fasting and weight loss
1:40 Followed over twelve months
2:37 No evidence it reduces risk
2:54 ADHD and educational attainment
3:54 How well did they do in school?
4:54 The study clearly shows that kids with ADHD don’t do as well
5:37 Rate of sudden cardiac death and heart failure has declined
6:39 Evidence based guidelines
7:22 Two different types of long acting insulin
8:22 Reduced incidence of hypoglycemia
9:22 Does benefit outweigh cost?
10:15 End

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