PodMed – Week of July 4, 2016

iStock_000056500374_MediumThis week’s topics include end of life care in a spectrum of illness, dementia and blood transfusions, coprescribing of naloxone with opioids, and treatment of binge eating disorder.
Program notes:
0:31 End of life treatments
1:32 Compared with cancer
2:33 Advancing disease apparent
3:28 Must bring to our attention
4:05 Naloxone coprescription
5:05 47% fewer ED visits initially
6:00 Binge eating disorder and treatment
7:00 Therapist led CBT
7:45 Blood transfusions and dementia
8:46 At risk for neurodegenerative disorders
9:45 Is prion in blood?
10:43 End
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