PodMed – Week of June 19, 2017


grilled assorted vegetables dressed with extra virgin olive oil

This week’s topics include ultra-long acting insulin, dressed up veggies, lithium during pregnancy, and a new risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

Program notes:

0:38 How veggies are described and consumption
1:35 Indulgent description improved choice
2:46 Education and cardiovascular disease
3:44 42% for those with grad school or professional education
4:45 Need to recognize to treat
5:01 Lithium during pregnancy
6:01 Cardiac malformations in 2.4% of those on lithium
6:37 Ultra long acting insulin
7:47 Compared to long acting only
8:45 Lowers glucose to a lower baseline
9:40 No comparison with cost
10:28 End

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