PodMed – Week of June 29, 2015


This week’s topics include DVT and cancer, benefits of marijuana, bridging anticoagulation in afib patients, and reversing dabigatran.

Program notes:

0:35 Analysis of medical marijuana benefits
1:35 Nausea and vomiting due to chemo
2:31 Legalized in 23 states and DC
3:35 Reversing legalization unlikely
3:51 Reversing dabigatran
4:54 An antibody toward saw target as medicine
5:59 In patients with afib and anticoagulation?
7:00 Very small risk of clot
7:30 Unprovoked DVT and cancer
8:30 Randomized to routine screening or CT
9:20 Why do I have a DVT?
10:05 End

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