PodMed – Week of June 30, 2014


This week's topics include strokes of unknown origin and atrial fibrillation, vitamin D and hypertension, pertussis infection in adolescents and persistent cough, and tomosynthesis for breast cancer detection.

Program notes:

0:31 New iTunes link
1:05 Tomosynthesis for breast cancer detection
2:03 Recall rate declined by 15%
3:01 Additional cost to individual
3:40 Vitamin D and hypertension
4:40 8% reduced risk for hypertension
5:40 Posits a mechanism
6:00 Pertussis, cough and adolescents
7:01 Persistent cough and immunoglobulin titre
8:01 Recommended that those over 50 get a booster
8:14 Cryptogenic stroke and atrial fibrillation
9:10 Fives times higher detection rate with longer monitoring
10:40 End

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