PodMed – Week of March 2, 2015


This week’s topics include peanuts and allergy, pregnancy after bariatric surgery, NSAIDs and heart disease, and foods and bugs that cause illness.

Program notes:

0:35 Peanuts as baby food?
1:35 640 infants to peanut exposure or not
2:35 A specific case of the hygiene hypothesis?
3:26 First exposure in presence of physician
4:10 NSAIDs after heart attack
5:10 A third ended up on an NSAID
6:09 Pregnancy after bariatric surgery
7:09 Less likely to have big babies
7:38 Foods and bugs and illness
8:40 E. coli infected beef and raw vegetables
9:31 Target information to at risk groups
10:18 End

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