PodMed – Week of March 28, 2016


This week’s topics include early parental nutrition, meditation for low back pain, use of complementary medicine by seniors, and non-invasive ventilation after abdominal surgery.

Program notes:

0:34 Parenteral nutrition for kids
1:34 Early or eight days later
2:35 Lots about critical illness we don’t know
2:51 Non-invasive ventilation after surgery
3:52 At risk of reintubation
4:52 Provide treatment to reduce anxiety
5:12 Alternative medicine for low back pain
6:13 Cognitive behavioral therapy or mind-body approach
7:15 Can use mind-body in other life areas
7:44 Complementary and alternative medicine use
8:44 Almost 7500 subjects
9:40 Not regulated, interact with meds
10:31 End

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