PodMed – Week of March 30, 2015


This week’s topics include chef-enhanced school meals, diabetic retinopathy treatment, exercise, vitamin D and falls, and stents versus medical therapy for those at risk for a second stroke.

Program notes:

0:34 Chefs and school meals
1:34 Randomized to chef or no chef
2:32 Wasn’t just the children who resisted
2:47 Macular edema
3:47 Three VEGF inhibitors
4:48 Ongoing debate in eye disease
5:50 Requires 8-10 injections
6:24 Vitamin D, exercise and fall prevention
7:24 Half the rate of injurious falls with exercise
8:06 Stents versus medical therapy in preventing recurrent strokes
9:08 What percentage experienced another stroke?
10:34 End

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