Cagliari, Sardina, Italy cityscape.

This week’s topics include managing preeclampsia, diet soft drinks and stroke, autoimmune conditions and malaria, and fecal immunochemical testing and colorectal cancer.

Program notes:

0:36 Malaria, lupus and MS
1:36 B-cell activating factor or BAF
2:34 Sickle cell anemia also
3:16 Diet soft drinks and stroke
4:16 Three fold increased risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s
5:29 Guidelines on preeclampsia
6:29 All women have blood pressure measurement
7:29 Deliver baby
7:37 Fecal immunochemical testing and colorectal ca
8:38 No problem up to 7-9 months
9:35 Reduce number of screening colonoscopy
10:37 End

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