PodMed – Week of May 1, 2017


Cagliari, Sardina, Italy cityscape.

This week’s topics include managing preeclampsia, diet soft drinks and stroke, autoimmune conditions and malaria, and fecal immunochemical testing and colorectal cancer.

Program notes:

0:36 Malaria, lupus and MS
1:36 B-cell activating factor or BAF
2:34 Sickle cell anemia also
3:16 Diet soft drinks and stroke
4:16 Three fold increased risk of stroke and Alzheimer’s
5:29 Guidelines on preeclampsia
6:29 All women have blood pressure measurement
7:29 Deliver baby
7:37 Fecal immunochemical testing and colorectal ca
8:38 No problem up to 7-9 months
9:35 Reduce number of screening colonoscopy
10:37 End

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