PodMed – Week of May 15, 2107


Endometrial cancer as a uterus or uterine cancer medical concept as cancerous cells in a female body attacking the reproductive system as a symbol of cervical tumor growth treatment diagnosis and symptoms with 3D illustration elements.

This week’s topics include cancer mutations in endometriosis, adverse events with novel agents approved by the FDA, a diet for gout, and the utility of the NHLBI database.

Program notes:
0:32 Cancer mutations in endometrial tissue
1:30 Less than 1% becomes malignant
2:30 Maybe takes multiple mutations
3:30 Very anxiety producing
4:00 Database of the NHLBI
5:00 Three fourths of time a new study
6:00 Big trends in data
6:24 Controlling gout with diet
7:24 Lowers blood uric acid
8:28 Adverse outcomes relative to novel agents
9:28 How often were there safety concerns?
10:44 End
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