PodMed – Week of May 22, 2017


Confident smiling doctor posing and looking at camera with arms crossed, medical staff working on the background

This week’s topics include physician age and outcomes, abortion via telemedicine, age to begin screening for cardiovascular disease, and vaccination of travelers.

Program notes:
0:31 Physician age and patient outcomes
1:30 Lower for physicians under 40
2:30 More up to date on newer treatments?
3:30 Older physicians should embrace
3:42 Abortion via telemedicine
4:44 Uses a website
5:44 Large majority medical rather than surgical
6:24 Vaccination among travelers
7:24 Can’t prove you’ve had measles vaccine
8:20 Risk of cardiovascular disease among young
9:20 Don’t have high blood pressure and don’t smoke
10:37 End
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