PodMed – Week of May 29, 2017


Rustic homemade chocolate and ingredients

This week’s topics include chocolate and atrial fibrillation, chondroitin and knee osteoarthritis, cannabidiol and seizures, and high fiber consumption and knee pain.

Program notes:
0:34 Chocolate and atrial fibrillation
1:30 Danish Diet Cancer and Health Study
2:33 Not with milk chocolate
3:16 Chondroitin sulfate and osteoarthritis
4:16 Study according to European guidelines
5:16 Take as first line
5:32 Fiber consumption and knee osteoarthritis
6:32 No difference in radiographic evidence
7:15 Cannabidiol and seizures
8:15 Decreased seizures per month
9:15 Didn’t help non convulsive seizures
10:33 End
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