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PodMed – Week of May 4, 2015

May 1, 2015


This week’s topics include neonatal abstinence syndrome, early HPV vaccination, new vaccine for herpes zoster, and IVC filters for pulmonary embolism.

Program notes:

0:36 HPV vaccination
1:36 Reduced risk of dysplasia
2:30 Parents underestimate child’s sexual experience
3:01 New herpes zoster vaccine
4:01 Can’t give current vaccine to immunocompromised
5:01 Downside is mild reaction
6:01 Exposures during pregnancy and infant consequences
7:01 Increased rate 4 to 5x
8:01 Filters and pulmonary embolism recurrence
9:03 Does putting a filter in help?
10:35 End

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