PodMed – Week of November 14, 2016


Little girl is at the eye examination showing directions of signs on board.

This week’s topics include a new tool for predicting cardiovascular event risk, iPads for amblyopia, an antibody for non-small cell lung cancer, and high dose statins.

Program notes:
0:42 Call out to a listener
1:30 Best way to treat lazy eye
2:30 Using Apple games that require both eyes
3:32 Only effective if child uses
3:52 High dose statins
4:52 Observational study of veterans
5:50 Also decrease inflammatory state
6:22 Antibody for non-small cell lung cancer
7:25 Taking a look at pathways
8:15 New cardiovascular risk tool
9:15 How changes will impact
10: 50 End
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