PodMed – Week of November 17, 2014


This week’s topics include the safety of vaccinating pregnant women with Tdap, the benefits of hospice care, 4 popular weight loss diets, and caring for two Ebola patients in the US.

Program notes:

0:48 Treatment of two patients with Ebola in the US
1:46 Leaky blood vessels
2:44 No randomized controlled trials
3:44 Can’t really be broadly applied
4:06 Hospice benefits in cancer patients
5:02 Those who received hospice had many fewer hospitalizations
6:06 Difficult for medical professionals to accept
6:48 Tdap during pregnancy
7:48 Growing whooping cough problem
8:18 Comparison of four popular diets
9:15 None better or worse
10:33 End

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