PodMed – Week of November 21, 2016


young sportsman has clasped hands a sick knee to reduce a pain. public health services concept

This week’s topics include an alternative to statins, which vessel to use for bypass, NSAID risk, and genes versus lifestyle with regard to cardiovascular disease.

Program notes:
0:48 Heart risk of NSAIDs
1:45 About 2.5% experienced heart attack, stroke
2:42 Short term low dose use is reassuring
3:03 What vessels to use for bypass
4:03 No benefit to two mammary arteries
5:03 Vein grafts about 50% patent
5:32 Genes or lifestyle?
6:32 Back in normal range with healthy lifestyle
7:15 New cholesterol drug
8:15 PCSK9 pathway
9:15 Most can take statins
10:14 End
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