This week’s topics include best medication for initial diabetes therapy, Ebola update, lowering blood pressure after stroke, and an LDL variant and aortic valve disease.

Program notes:

0:41 Ebola update in NEJM
1:41 Case fatality rate 74%
2:39 Even with fever don’t have detectable virus for a few more days
3:34 Let’s base this on sound science
3:50 Blood pressure lowering after stroke
4:50 Blood pressure medicine initiated, continued or discontinued
5:51 Used to be based on ‘common sense’
6:11 Initial therapy for folks with DM
7:09 No difference in adverse events
8:07 Due to marketing of other medications
8:33 An LDL variant and aortic stenosis
9:23 There is a clear association
10:20 End

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