PodMed – Week of November 7, 2016


iStock_000016798528_MediumThis week’s topics include transfusion outcomes in old versus new blood, use of tranexemic acid during surgery, bystander use of defibrillators, and bypass surgery outcomes on stopped versus beating hearts.

Program notes:

0:45 Bystander use of defibrillators
1:42 About 10% received defibrillation
2:45 People need to be aware of where devices are
3:25 On- or off-pump CABG
4:25 After five years outcomes the same
5:25 Select the best surgeon
5:42 Storage of red blood cells and transfusion
6:43 No difference in mortality
7:42 No benefit in patient subgroups
7:58 Tranexemic acid and bleeding
9:01 No adverse side effects and fewer transfusions
10:20 End

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