PodMed – Week of October 12, 2015


This week’s topics include the dangers of beta blockers and noncardiac surgery, a look at ischemic preconditioning, community acquired pneumonia and influenza vaccination, and bioprosthetic heart valves.

Program notes:

0:40 Beta blockers and surgery for noncardiac conditions
1:42 Thirty day risk
2:45 Elective surgery and beta blocker?
3:17 Bioprosthetic valves
4:15 Valves may have clots form
5:14 Usual way of assessing doesn’t detect
6:00 Ischemic preconditioning
7:00 Randomized trials
7:50 Benefit of influenza vaccine in avoiding pneumonia
8:51 Flu vaccine history in those with community acquired pneumonia
10:10 End

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