PodMed – Week of October 16, 2017


Close-up Of Person Practicing Cpr Chest Compression On Dummy

This week’s topics include predicting mortality in those with congestive heart failure, bystander CPR impact, best management of stable COPD, and NOACs and bleeding risk.

Program notes:

0:50 NOACs and bleeding risk
1:51 Also taking other medicines increased risk
2:49 Physicians need to know
3:18 Managing people with COPD
4:21 So many more people with the condition
4:43 Bystander initiated CPR
5:43 2/3 at home, 1/3 in public setting
6:44 Increased survivorship
7:00 How can we predict mortality in patients with heart failure
8:01 Easily obtained variables
9:04 Admission afterward?
10:26 End

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