PodMed – Week of October 2, 2017

iStock_000068724623_MediumThis week’s topics include aspirin discontinuation risks, HIV in those 50 and older, big data and chronic lung disease, and genetic testing and warfarin use.
Program notes:
0:34 Genetic testing and warfarin dosing
1:35 Looked at genetics to determine
2:33 Other agents for blood thinning
3:01 Use of big data and chronic lung disease
4:01 More women smoking
5:02 Not sure of significance of e-cigarettes
5:26 HIV infection in those 50 or older
6:30 Usually diagnosed later
7:30 Still at risk if you’ve over 50
7:43 Perils of discontinuing aspirin
8:43 Stopping increased risk by 30%
9:43 Stop as close to surgery as possible
10:27 End
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