PodMed – Week of October 24, 2016


iStock_000020076031_MediumThis week’s topics include changing therapy with a genetic assessment of breast cancer, outcomes from hernia repair, a new agent for osteoporosis, and syncope and pulmonary embolism.

Program notes:

0:30 Results of hernia repair
1:32 Either mesh, or routine surgery
2:33 Examine mesh more closely
3:01 New agent for osteoporosis
4:01 Received the new antibody or placebo
5:01 Both injectable forms
5:22 Pulmonary embolism and syncope
6:23 If suspicious they were further evaluated
7:28 Genetic testing and low and intermediate risk breast cancer
8:30 Physicians and women based their chemo on it and were satisfied
9:20 Not helpful in high risk disease
10:20 End

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