PodMed – Week of September 11, 2017

036507010-vaccineThis week’s topics include a new antibody for asthma, early treatment in COPD, mumps vaccine to curtail an outbreak, and medical exemptions from routine vaccinations.
Program notes:
0:38 Avoiding vaccines with medical exemptions
1:38 More people who are vaccinated the less likely an outbreak
2:36 Total went down but others are gaming the system
3:23 A third dose of vaccine and a mumps outbreak
4:23 All students had been vaccinated with two doses
5:23 May have been exposed to mumps later
6:22 Currently no early intervention with COPD
7:21 Less likely to have exacerbations
8:01 An antibody in adults with asthma
9:01 Monthly injections
10:29 End
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