PodMed – Week of September 19, 2016


Senior man communicating with a male doctor in the office.

This week’s topics include long term results in low risk prostate cancer, ovarian cancer screening, statin benefits, and sex differences in MI.

Program notes:
0:32 Benefits of statins
1:32 Reduces deaths from cardiovascular causes
2:33 Benefit clearly outweighs risk
3:22 Sex differences in heart attack
4:22 Incidence rate for MI
5:22 Persistent gap through age 95
5:44 Outcomes for prostate cancer management
6:44 Risk of dying of prostate cancer low
7:45 Framed up differently
8:50 Monitoring may be more appropriate
9:13 FDA warning on ovarian ca tests
10:10 Ovarian cancer don’t  have a precancerous lesion
10:59 End