PodMed – Week of September 25, 2017


Senior man communicating with a male doctor in the office.

This week’s topics include physician assisted suicide, preventing infection post-C-section in obese women, 12 year outcomes of bariatric surgery, and death among triathletes.

Program notes:

0:46 Triathlon events and death
1:43 Half with previously unknown cardiac problems
2:43 Trouble in water harder to resuscitate
3:36 Physician assisted suicide
4:36 In Oregon data gathered
5:36 Should be able to provide
6:40 No cancer excision if futile
7:15 12 year outcomes from bariatric surgery
8:15 3/4ths of diabetes remitted
9:07 Preventing infections in obese women with C-sections
10:45 End

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