PodMed – Week of September 28, 2015


This week’s topics include taking your blood pressure medicines at night, a new diabetes drug that reduces cardiovascular death, reanalysis of paroxetine data, and atrial fibrillation and dementia.

Program notes:

0:35 Reanalysis of paroxetine data
1:35 RIAT initiative
2:37 Adverse effects hidden
3:35 $3 billion judgment
3:50 Blood pressure meds at bedtime work better
4:50 Lowered their risk by 57%
5:35 New diabetes drug and reduced CV mortality
6:35 Mortality lowered by 35%
7:19 Atrial fibrillation and dementia
8:19 What can we do about it?
9:19 May have same risk factors
10:20 End

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